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Top 5 Places to Shop in Manila Philippines

Manila, the capital of Philippines, is as beautiful as the rest of the Philippines. Located on the bay side, Manila is a blend of colonial architecture and modern buildings. It has beautiful beaches and gorgeous malls. Manila has a wonderful nightlife and is a complex center of trade and commerce. When you visit Manila, do not forget to shop there. It is full of street shops where you can test your bargaining skills and also huge malls that house high-end luxury brands.

Here is a list of 5 places that you must shop at when you are in Manila!

  • SM Mall

Originally opened in 1991 with two buildings and one connecting bridge, today the SM Mall of Asia might be the largest mall in the Philippines. It is the first Super mall of Manila and is in all rights probably the best. Operating 12 hours every day, this mall houses all kinds of shops. It has budget to high-class items. There are electronic stores, computer stores, international fashion brands, local fashion brands, and numerous food stores. The mall also has a cinema theatre. When in Manila, you must undoubtedly shop at this mall. It is a popular tourist destination, and has raised the standards of entertainment, shopping, and leisure for the people of Manila.

  • Dangwa Flower Market

Dangwa Flower Market is a wholesale Flower Market in Manila. Also known as Bulaklakan ng Maynila, the market is a wonderful fresh flower market. It is full of street vendors as well as individually owned shops. Here you will find flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colours. These flowers are very cheap compared to other flower shops in Manila. The quality of the flowers is superb. In fact, it is so superb, that the market also exports flowers to other countries, like Thailand and Ecuador. When you are in Manila, you must visit this wonderful market.

A word of caution though; the market is terribly crowded during the festival and holiday season, so avoid driving through the road then.

  • Divisoria Market

The Divisoria Market is the flea market of Manila. A bazaar in tiangge-style, here in this market you will find everything that you want at prices that are simply overwhelming! The mother of all shopping places, the Divisoria Market is a long street with stores, stalls, and rows of buildings.

There are all kinds of merchandise, cheap clothes, and comfortable footwear. There are office supplies, novelties, crafts, pirated-films, fabrics, textiles, household items, and almost everything under the sun! You can haggle to your heart’s content and buy some really authentic, local, Filipino stuff. This is the ideal place to test your bargaining skills! Never miss this amusing market when in Manila. A word of caution; the place tends to be really congested, so avoid driving here as well.

  • Quiapo Market

Neither too expensive nor too cheap, the Quiapo Market is a popular market for Filipino handicrafts and souvenirs. It is famous for its cheap clothing and electronics. It has everything from home decor stuff to fresh fruits and vegetables and here you will find lots of Filipino apothecary too! Apart from this, the market is also famous for its delicious street food like the Purple Salted Eggs. The Market is almost always full of children, families, and liveliness. It is the perfect market to feel the Asian vibe! Since it is located right behind a church, here you can also find lots of religious stuff. When there, do visit Quiapo and feel yourself drown in the extreme colourfulness of Manila!

  • Greenbelt Mall

What first hits one about the Greenbelt Mall is the exquisite architecture. The mall is a complex of five buildings, each of which has their own features and architectural styles. The mall is famous for its own cinema and little retail shops. Unlike the bustling SM Mall, the Greenbelt Mall is usually less crowded and thus provides its customers a personal and intimate atmosphere. The Mall houses fast food shops, a huge parking area, air-conditioned halls, and exclusive retail stores. There are bookshops, coffee houses, and excellent dining areas. People usually flock to the Mall to ‘hang out’ and relax when it is too hot outside. Don’t miss Greenbelt when in Manila!

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