Teenager phase is among the best phases in any individual life. There are so many memories attached to our teenage years but among them one thing we hate the most is “Acne”. There is no good memory of it and would want to delete it permanently from our lives. As we grow older, Acne in form of pimples, blisters pop up on our face which are not in our hands.

As per a study by Journal of Women’s Health in 2012,it was concluded that 50% of women with ages 21 to 30, 25% of women with ages 31 to 40 and 12% of women with ages 41 to 50 deals with the problem of Acne. It does not matter what the age is, Pimples do bother you due to blocking of the pores which  have oil glands, bacteria or dirt forming a pop on your face in form of pimple.


Why Acne Occurs?

Acne in women causes due to hormonal changes due to the menopause period or menstruation every month. But other factors for such pop up can be stress and imbalance in diet. As per a famous naturopath, Michael Murray, Acne acts as a whistle blow in adults.

Here we will look at 5 ways how an adult can deal with their acne.

Less consumption of Dairy products

As per a Harvard study, women having 2 or more glasses of milk on daily basis have almost 20% more chances of flare up as compared to the women having  only a glass of milk in a week. This can be because of higher content of sugar in whole milk. Also hormones in all dairy products play a part in developing of acne. Thus less of dairy products means less chances of getting acne.

Reduction in consumption of salt

Salt contains sodium and it is one of the reasons of breakouts on the skin as per doctors. To combat the use of salt in food, use the less sodium iodine salt in your food which is good for health as well as prevent acne on your skin. A 1500 mg of salt consumption daily is ideal for every individual.

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Highly refined carbs in diet

Having a balanced diet is what one should maintain on daily basis. This does not mean you cannot have junk food or they causes acne on your skin. But eating too much of refined carbs may lead to pimples. As per a research, people following GI diet index that is consuming low of carbohydrates in food had around 22% reduction in occurrence of acne as compared to people consuming more carbohydrates in diet. This may be because of increase in insulin levels due to carbohydrates intake which triggers oil production.

Intake of Tea Tree Oil

The tea Tree oil has been proved helpful for people fighting with acne for long. The Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of a tree in Australia which have antiseptic properties, which fights the acne causing bacteria. Tea Tree oil is even helpful for Yeast Infections. Tea Tree oil can be used across in form of soaps, topical solutions and skin washes. Look at the ingredients of the product and tea tree oil concentration of at least 5% should be there .

Calm you skin with stress management

Stress is the root cause of several diseases. It is not that acne occurs due to stress but stress can lead to various problems in body and in turn stimulating the glands producing oil. This may cause acne. This is the reason you must calm your body by not taking too much stress or doing meditation and yoga to remain fit and calm. Calming your nerves can also calm down your skin inflammation.